About BHC

Baja Health Cluster is an organization founded in 2011 to promote the medical tourism sector in our state. We oversee and manage through counseling our medical, dental and hospital affiliates, that receive thousands of patients from abroad. We are the connecting point between the patient and the health provider, the fusion of quality, warmth, and safety for patients.

Our organization’s number one priority is to improve and maintain the patient stay, the best experience by having strategic alliances with Spas, Hotels, Restaurants and the main tourist service providers, we can help to satisfy our medical visitor’s expectations. Baja health Cluster is endorsed internationally by The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis. After the previous quality evaluation, ESCA awarded us with the Bronze accreditation for our good practices and outstanding projects to improve the sector.

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Address: Mision de Santo Tomas 2812, Zona Urbana Rio (4,69 km)

Available from 9:00 am – 19:00 pm