Mexico, the best city for your medical needs.

Recognized as #1 Medical Tourism City to travel to.

In partnership with the government of Mexico we bring you a platform that leverage the innovation and growth of the Medical Tourism in Baja California.

We offer your excepcional healthcare quality at a fraction of the price, stop paying more than you have to.

The safest path between a Board Certified Doctor in Mexico and you!

Last November, during the “The Globals Awards” in London, a coveted recognition for the healthcare & wellness advertising industry, Tijuana was nominated and won for the “The Most Outstanding Medical Tourism Service” category.

The award drives home the point that Tijuana continues to be one of the most important destinations in the world regarding medical tourism.

Complete quality healthcare at a fraction of the price.

Safe, fast and affordable healthcare.

Looking for cost-effective, quality healthcare?, Baja California offers you only the best to take care of your medical needs, month to month thousands of patients visit Baja California and are treated with the highest standards of quality and service, regarding our low prices, we don’t compromise quality, rest assured you are in the best possible hands.

Recognized as #1 vacation destiny.

World class gastronomy and atractions.

Tijuana was recognized (for the second time) as the best possible city to vacation in Mexico. The city received a unique distinction from the World Travel Awards, which recognizes the best tourist brands worldwide, taking into consideration our excellence in aviation, hotels, travel services, gastronomy, and destinations, rest assured you and your loved ones will have an amazing experience.

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We take care of everything.

We are a city specialized in the medical tourism industry, don’t worry, we have you covered, from transportation, lodging, and logistics planning, we help you plan your visit so that you focus on the important, your health and that of your family, our medical concierge will guide you and take you by the hand so that you have a positive, comfortable and pleasant experience

Tijuana's best

Working together for you!

Hospitals, doctors, ministry of health, tourism, economic development, tourism operators, restaurants, hotels and more working together to promote the high quality healthcare that Baja has to offer.


Access to full profile information & tools to get instant connection to the best doctors in Baja California. Explore our certified medical directory.


Here at BHC we provide data and information to help you as a patient to make the best posible hospital choice.


From street tacos to high end restaurants, fall in love with our worldwide recognized gastronomy.


Hotels have reinvented their services offering wide options to receive medical patients.

Our first priority is your health and safety.

Patient Safety

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